Friday, July 24, 2015

Addition of a new (modular) child

I got a new baby yesterday:

I'm calling it my "teaching system". "What", I'm sure you are asking, "do you expect to teach with this rig?" Well, a couple of things:

  • First, I'm most of the way done with a book on modular synths. I'll be accepting mail contacts (for when it is done) soon-ish, but I have to start working on it now. More on this in a few weeks.
  • I teach "Sound Art" at a local university, and want to start introducing modular synths into the discussion. But my Tiptop system will just break the students' heads. Something like this is a lot simpler, and the Big Knobs help people understand where the 'fun stuff' occurs.
  • I do a bit of workshopping (and expect to do more in the future). Have a modular of any sort on stage and you get people's attention quickly!
Thanks to a little help from Jason at Control Voltage, I was able to ditch the two blank panels and put in a Pittsburgh "Toolbox", which does noise, slew and sample & hold. Missing pieces from a teaching system now in place.


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