Sunday, July 26, 2015

The filter that won't go away.

I've got a problem module. It's like a case of the crabs - you do everything you can to make it go away, but it just won't. Day-am.

Said filter is...

... the Division 6 Filtare SEIII.

For some reason, this filter has gotten a bum rap. It tightly sized (at 8 HP), has good cutoff and resonance characteristics, and it has plenty of voltage control.

So why have I been so hot to get something else? I dunno - maybe it's the fact that other people have sort of crapped on it on the Muff Wiggler site. Maybe it's because its front panel doesn't scream with any sort of character. Maybe it is even the cheap looking knobs that don't really match up with my other modules.

But maybe it's just that I get drawn it by The Fantastic New. You know what I mean? Make Noise comes out with the MMG, I'm going to dump the Filtare for that. Mmmph, not as good. New Aion Moog-like filter? I'm sure that's the replacement. Nope, didn't do it. Go back to a classic, like the Bubblesound SeM20! No, not right.

In every case, I get these things, give them a twirl, maybe even get a little entranced - then I try the Filtare and - boom! I realize that's the sound of music for me. So maybe I've learned, and will stick with this guy.

But I wouldn't bet on it - I seem to be a fickle lover...


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