Friday, August 7, 2015

Alas, Arturia, I Bid Thee Goodbye

Can't do it. Can't get into the Arturia BeatStep Pro. I really want to like it! It's got everything I'd hope: simple project and sequence saves, flexible track length, clear playback indicators and a reasonable set of control functions. So what's there not to like?

If I could explain it, I could probably scoop out that side of my brain and be in a much better place. You know how sometimes you feel a problem without actually being able to name it? That's where I am with the BSP. It's cool in almost every measurable way, and for some reason I know that I'll never gig with it, I'll never use it for a recording and I'll never want to base a system off of it.

In a way, this is related to how I deal with my modular. Several of my friends make jokes about how quickly I buy and sell modules, and how I don't actually embrace new things very often. On the other hand, I stare in amazement as they buy up modules, get new cases to hold the new modules, and expand their systems seemingly without end.

I really think of the various bits and pieces that I have as instruments, and therefore they are as idiosyncratic to me as a Les Paul or a Zildjian cymbal. Each thing has to feel right, sound right, and contribute to my success as an artist - or it has to go away. The karmic hit that I feel when I have non-useful gear around me is overwhelming, and actually reduces the amount of music that I can produce.

All that to say: I'm not keeping the BSP. It is cool in every measurable way, but it is not an instrument for me. Sorry Arturia - I thought we had a chance with this one...


PS: Let me know if you want a good deal on a slightly used BSP!

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