Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In Praise of Almost The Simplest Module

(photo by Eva Lewin - see below)

I'm going to gush about a few modules over the next few days, and the first is probably one of the simplest powered modules I own. It is also one of the things that makes my rig look really cool, and is also super-helpful when doing gigs.

That module is the Synthwerks Lamp-1 module.

This little 4HP module was one of the first Eurorack modules I bought, and has stuck with me through tons and tons of other system changes. Why so important? Well, first of all, it sits at the top-left side of my case, which is a perfect spot to have some multiples for distribution of oscillator pitch CV. So that's useful.

Then there is the USB lamp connection and dimmer. When I got the LAMP-1 (used) from a Muffwiggler seller, it didn't have any lamp - the knucklehead I bought it from didn't bother to mention that he'd lost his lap. So I jumped onto Amazon and found a GoalZero Luna LED Stick Light. This provides 10 LED lamps across most of the surface of my Station 252 case, and adds a cool Buchla-esque feel to the case that makes it a fan favorite as well. It is also wonderfully small for packing and traveling.

And travel it does, because it gives me a great performance option: no matter what the environment that I'm play in, I will always have the same illumination that I use when I'm geeking out in the living room. This gives me a warm blanket of familiarity, and helps tamp down the Everything-Is-New-Again feeling when you set up for a gig. Surprisingly helpful.

Of all my 4HP modules, this is clearly one of my favorites, and will probably follow me around for years to come.


(The photo at the top of this post was done by Eva Lewin during a recent (no)poem gig in Des Moines, IA. Eva's work was amazing; you can see more of her work here.)

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