Sunday, August 30, 2015

Just in case you missed me jumping up and down on Facebook...

Another great podcast chat, this week with Pittsburgh Modular mastermind Richard Nicol.

The Art+Music+Technology Podcast #94

Richard was willing to talk about his background, his design philosophy and even his personal system (shockingly small...). He also opened me up to re-looking at some of his newer modules; in particular, he pointed out that the Game System module is really a way to provide 8 different, idiosyncratic sequencers in one fun-to-play-with package.

I'm not much of a game guy, so when this was first announce I was a little 'yawn'. But now that I understand where it is coming from, it certainly seems worth a try. You see, I'm come to dislike the majority of 'random' things, but idiosyncratic provides some options that 'well thought out' can't, and I'm sorta up for that now. Of course, I also have that monome Teletype that I've got to crack into...

Oh, by the way, the hour-long set at the Full Moon Festival was wonderful. The sunset show, me basking in the glory of the coming evening (and full moon), and sharing the mix with the soft rattle of the nearby stream; it was magical. Thanks to Wally and the MESS crew for giving me this opportunity!


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