Saturday, August 8, 2015

Localized Sound

Today I finished editing the podcast that will be released tomorrow - featuring Dan Trueman. Dan's done many things, but one of the things that he'll go down in history about is the development of the laptop orchestra. In our discussion, he points out the importance of the individual speaker for each performer; he points out that this gives a different perspective for both the performer and the audience about the locale of an individual's play.

Laptop orchestras generally use the hemispherical speakers shown above (available from Isobel Audio), since they radiate in all directions, and are relatively small and short.

Today, Mark Mosher and I had a followup meeting about our recent tour, and one of the things that we found rather disappointing was the lack of clarity about who was making what sound. Mark already uses the Bose L1 Compact, which is easy to haul, set up  - and it sounds great. I used to have a full-on Bose L1 system, but it was too powerful; I could have blown the walls off of most of the places we've played with the volume set to 2. But I think that, at some point, I'm going to have to invest in an L1 Compact system so we can do balanced individual monitoring.



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