Friday, August 14, 2015

More Physical Modeling!

Recently, my Cycling '74 friends and I took on a new library of objects for our 'pet projects' site, For our second project, we took on an update of the PeRColate object - some of the most amazing objects ever to grace Max's face.

Featuring standard instrument model, oddball instrument models (a blotar?) and other funky object, the PeRColate objects (originally created by Dan Trueman and Luke DuBois) had started to fall out of spec with the latest version of Max. So our little band of mad-folk took on the object set and brought it up to speed with updated objects, completely re-done help files and some great examples.

If you play with Max, you will definitely want to check out the PeRColate objects. You can get this updated package - and check out Tom Hall's excellent examples - at the maxology PeRColate page.


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