Thursday, August 6, 2015

Oh yeah - the very best modification in my system...

... is the one that I make, with a custom sketch for the SnazzyFX ArdCore!

The ArdCore is actually my design, brought to Euro by Dan Snazelle of SnazzyFX. I originally did the ArdCore in 5U for the final project of my Masters degree at University of Denver; you can see me jabber about it here:

Although I've created a lot of sketches that I've shared as part of the project, my everyday ArdCore sketch is a multi-use sketch - a CV/note recorder with a built-in quantizer, and looped playback of whatever is in the recorder buffer. Breaking it down, that means:

- It quantizes voltages coming into the A3 input, and outputs the quantized value out the DAC output.
- It records the quantized value whenever the A4 input is high (or the knob is turned past half-way).
- It plays back individual quantized notes whenever it receives a trigger in the trigger input.
- The A1 and A2 knobs control the starting and ending points of the note loop, so I can have up to 64 recorded notes, but only play a sub-set of them at any given point.

This, in combination with randomized input when you first turn on the system, means that I can quickly record a bunch of random notes, then use the loop points to find cool spots within the note series for me to use. This is really fun in live performance, because I can work with seemingly random note series, but always return to whereever I started - which gives the performance more of a planned concept.

Great fun, super useful, and worth the HP that it takes. Killer!


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  1. hi Darwin, just wanted to say great to see you start a blog, will be following it with interest!

    i did some coding for the Arduino Due based module, nw2s::b, and an alternative firmware for the monome white whale module (Orca), looking forward to seeing more posts on Arduino programming, especially within the modular context.