Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sample! Hold! Slew! Noise!

Continuing my favorite odd-ball modules (which means that I'm not going to cover the Maths...), today I cover the Analog Solutions SH-NZ module.

How could anyone get excited about a noise module? Well, for some reason, this module provides me with sampled noise (using the built-in sample-and-hold-and-slew circuit) that sounds right - and every other module I've tried in Euro-land sounds wrong.

Another nice thing is that there is a one-wire modification that normalized the noise output to the S&H input, which I have of course done. Now, except for a clock source, I don't have any patching required to make it run.

AS modules have a lot of shite involved in using them. Often, their ranges aren't quite right (for example, the high end of the noise source setting produces weird results), and they use a power connector that is, well, stupid. But once you get past that, you end up - in this case - with the best-of-class module in the Euro World, and something that you will use for all sorts of functions.

Are you worried about there not being different colored noise? Sheesh, that's what a filter is for...


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