Monday, August 31, 2015

The Love/Hate Relationship

I remember a time, when I was fresh off of 5U modules and onto Eurorack (thanks Paul S.!), when I thought that the best module I'd ever seen was the Synovatron CV Tools. It adds! It subtracts! It multiplies and divides! It has blinky lights! It slews! Oh man - it was the kind of module that just didn't existing in 5U land.

But then I got a really small skiff, and it was pretty much too deep. Then I ran into an Invy and that did most of the stuff (minus the blinky lights) in just 4HP instead of 12. And the MI Shades even has blinky lights. And the Triatt does most of those functions, too, in 6HP. And, and, and...

And I've tried, but any time I replace the CV Tools in my rig, it always comes back to me. I actually sold it one time to try to rid the house of it, but I couldn't - I ended up buying another because it had to be there. Too useful, all of the controls and displays are too obvious, and even the depth is just workable within a Station 252 case, so it stays in my loving arms.

This is a parable for all of you that might sometimes be too quick to move to the newer, smaller or sexier thing: be careful what you cast aside, for it may be your true love.


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