Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Simplest Things...

... often go unstated. I'm preparing for a set at the upcoming Full Moon Festival, and wanted to include a track by one of my favorite artists: alva noto. I got the track, pushed it to my Octatrack and was immediately struck by how awful it sounded.

Not the track, but the playback. It was jittery, off-speed, and messy. I started going through the entire Octatrack settings mess, turning off effects, processes, master track goodies and anything that could have been interfering with the sound. But nothing helped.

So, last night I was (<sigh>) reading the Octatrack manual in bed when I ran across the section that talks about preparing a sample for playback. In this section, it describes setting the TSTR (Time Stretch) function so that the track would play back in sync with the tempo of the Octatrack.

But, you see, that's the opposite of what I wanted to do! But that's when it hit me - I'll be the time-stretch function was on. And indeed it was, and the second I turned it off clarity rained from the speakers. SCORE!

This reminds me of the people that talk about how awful Ableton Live sounds for track playback, and how everyone's first advice is to turn off time-stretching. How I didn't connect that advice with this issue is beyond me, but it shows you what can happen when you assume knowledge that you don't have.

Anyway - all good now!


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