Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Different Kind of Modular

I had to dig this out for a proposal I'm doing with a friend, and thought you all might be interested in this. It's a modular of a different sort - it is one of many (in my case, three) "Performance Bug" devices that I use for certain kinds of performance. You start these up and "plant" them in the performance space; the programming (in Python, using a custom audio library I created) randomly captures, delays and replays audio snippets, thereby adding a sort of "memory" to the room.

It's really a simple system, with a Raspberry Pi 2 (in an Adafruit enclosure), Samson Go Mic and Kinivo amplified speaker. The combo comes in at a little over $100, but is really powerful. I also have a little $10 wireless network bit in there that allows it to live on a network; the result is a group of devices that can talk to each other, potentially share sounds, and generally interact with the performers in unique ways.

Very fun project, and something I'll be using more in the future.


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