Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another Custom Piece (another 10-turn pot or two...)

Another custom piece that I want to share is actually a module that I use to manages a nightmare. Which nightmare? The nightmare of being thoughtful about exponential FM depth, and being musical about the whole thing.

When I listen to people that are doing FM work, so often I hear 'full on' depth of the exponential FM input, or (at best) a little depth modulation of the incoming FM signal. I, personally, find that the depth of modulation is critical in creating a musical result, so I want high-precision control of depth for FM sound design.

Chris Blarsky (of NINstruments fame) created another 10-turn wonder for me: a two-channel attenuator featuring a fairly firm 10-turn pot for each channel. Now, I can route my incoming FM signal into the TENuation module, very carefully tweak the depth of the signal, and use that for FM input. This is much more detailed than the typical tiny and 100-degree effective depth control built into most oscillators.

You could do something similar with a multi-input attenuator (like my CV Tools, for example), but there is something about a 10-turn pot, a dedicated module, and a clean approach to FM modulation depth that really speaks to me.


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