Tuesday, September 22, 2015

From England with Love

The latest entrant in my search for the Perfect (for me) East Coast filter, we have the AJH Synth Mini Mod Transistor Ladder Filter. AJH has gone a little over the top with Minimoog circuit emulation, with well-managed internal voltages that are the same as the original, and an attention to detail that is a little scary. I just put it in this morning, and early reports would be good (it is significantly different from the 904a emulators out there - ballsier and more responsive to envelopes). Perhaps the best part of this filter is the inclusion of a Mini-style 3-input mixer that distorts nicely at the top of the range. Really does dirty up a Eurorack system.

So far I likey. More info in a week or two, when I've had a chance to find something to be dissatisfied with!!!


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