Monday, September 14, 2015

More build-outs

In an effort to get a Mikrophonie for Really Cheap, I bought three of the kits, built all three, and am selling two to cover some of the cost.

If you aren't aware of the module that Mike Metlay claimed was "The real reason for me to get a modular!!!", you should check out the video and text at Music Thing's site:

When people experience this thing, they have one of two responses:

- "Oh, yeah!!!"
- "Oh, no..."

I'm definitely part of the first group, and with the rough front panel, simple finger-scratches and taps are a modulator of madness, and this actually gives you a reason to shout at your modular! Got problems at work? Take it out on your modular! Horrible commute every day? Scream into the little hole!

Too much fun!


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