Sunday, September 6, 2015

More Tele Typing

So I got a chance to do some work with the Teletype yesterday, and the results were pretty awesome. Here's a picture of my programming in action:

My assumptions about what the Teletype would be were all wrong. Here was my thinking 'ladder':

1. It's probably about live coding!

Actually, it could be, but that's not where I found myself. It is actually more like coding a reaction to incoming events, and that takes planning. Also, there are some pretty extreme limitations (like, for example, the limit of only six lines of code for each trigger/system event), so planning/optimization is important.

2. It's probably like programming an ArdCore on the device!

Not even close, because you don't do coding-style structures: rather, you have snippets related to the following events:

- Any of the eight input triggers
- The firing of a metronome
- The startup/init phase of the system

Nothing else, really, so there you go...

3. I get it - it's a tracker!

There's a tracker personality in there somewhere, but I didn't make it that far, because I started writing a weird-o shift register system and never came out of that k-hole. This is one of those cases where the limitations helped me push some personal limits, and the result was a wonderful little 4-note ASR with an internal clock. All in 10 line of code!

So there you go - my first-day feelings about the Teletype. You can see a lot more people talking about (and learning about) the Teletype on the crazy lines ( website that Brian Crabtree set up, or dig around MW to see what people are saying.

But I had a hella good time!


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