Friday, October 2, 2015

Oh Yeah - my other modular!

In exchanging email with Mark Mosher, who has been getting into u-he's Bazile patchable softsynth, I realized that I'd never mentioned my other modular, my real traveling modular:

u-he ACE

It's super-simple, but it reacts the way I'd expect. It's got some quirks (i.e., NO FREAKING VCA'S????), but is fun as hell. The UI is - to me - preferable to Bazile because I can actually see it; it is contrasted right, and the controls are large enough to deal. I actually most often use it for percussion synthesis. I had been using Drum Spillage, but its kit system is sorta opposed to the Live Drum Rack, so I use ACE to develop individual drum sounds, then rack 'em up.

Cool as hell, and fun as hell too. $80 (or so) well spent.


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