Saturday, November 14, 2015

A New Companion

Yesterday I got a new companion for my system - a brand new Push 2. I'd gotten the Experience Lite on Tuesday at the meetup, and my unit just showed up on Friday. Nice.

I spent about 45 minutes with it last night, and expect to bang on it over the weekend. But my first impressions are:

  • The pads are a huge, huge improvement. The come close to My Favorite Pads Ever (those found on the Maschine), but are different from a playability standpoint: the are nearly flush to the surface, so you can wiggle your finger around the surface and play swiggly melodic lines - something you'd never be able to do on a raised surface like the Maschine. Unlike others, I did jump onto the sensitivity settings, but found that the default was about as usable as any other setting. But the available settings for pad interface (sensitivity, gain and dynamics) are more extensive than any other pad surface I've used. Mega-points for this!
  • Hurry for clear octave up-and-down function keys during note entry!
  • The display is awesome. Just awesome. Inspires you to edit off the screen. In fact, once set up, I think I naturally played without looking at the screen for the rest of the 45 minutes. Super-easy to negotiate almost everything.
  • I've got more to learn on this thing. And somehow it seems like it'll be worth it.
  • The only negative? So far, it is the size and weight of it. But if that's all I've got to complain about, I'm in good shape! More coming up soon.


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