Friday, November 6, 2015

Aw, Jeez.

Leave it to ol' Chris, my buddy. Wanted to cheer me up. Let me try out his new Roland Boutique JU-06. He knew that I was a 106-guy from way back (I've owned at least one for at least 15 of the last 20 years...), and that I'd be pretty picky about how this sounded and felt. On the other hand, I needed to be cheered up, and I had some time this morning to play around.

Oh my.

I really, really like this thing. It fits conveniently on the corner of my desk (unlike a 106), has a nice interface to my compu-tron (unlike a 106), is super-visible in the dark (unlike a 106) and is cheap (unlike a 106). If I was to be honest, there's a little bounce that is typical for a 106 that isn't quite there on the JU-06, but that could just be my imagination. The level of detail on this thing, combined with the the sound (which is, frankly, excellent) means that I AM A BIG FAN.

I needed a little polyphony in my life. I needed it with controls (sorry, Blofeld...). 4-voice isn't going to kill me, and neither is $299. A nice companion to my little modular rig, but also a nice alternative to completely virtual soft-polys.

More fun to come, I'm sure. You'll be able to hear an example of this as the bumper music for the next podcast (#103).




  1. damn, I was not expecting that.

    1. Me either, man. I thought I'd end up with a snarky blog post out of the attempt to try it out - instead I'm finding myself with a little crush...

    2. Now I'm intrigued, esp. as I know where you set the bar :) #noroadblocks