Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Different Teaching System

Well, after a few video tests, it turns out that my "teaching system" - a Pittsburgh Foundation 2 system with a few added modules - didn't really work out too well. The main problem is that a 90x1 case system was difficult to track in detail on a non-HD video, and the left-to-right orientation of the modules made it difficult to track the signal and CV flows.

So it was time to rethink. I decided to go in the back closet and bring out the lunchbox case that Chris Blarsky had built for me and give that a try. I just got done loading it with modules, which includes all the basic modules from the Foundation 2 system, but also updated one of the oscillators to a "Waveforms" module, and one of the envelopes to an "Envelopes" module. Now I have all the signal flow on the top row, all of the CV devices on the bottom row, and initial video tests look really, really good.

So, videos coming soon!


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