Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Back in action!

Sorry I've been out of touch - I've been a little busy of late. A few things happened since Spring:
  • I put some focus into the Modular Synthesizer Mastery books, and shot the first one out as a free e-book.
  • I sold off every bit of modular gear that wasn't attached to my gonads and decided to refocus on my core system.
  • I decided to quit teaching for a while; the DU experience was awesome, but I need more focus and fewer jobs.
  • I started programming seriously in both Javascript and C++. Who knows what that'll get me!
  • I packed up the family, sold the Colorado house and moved to Northfield Minnesota!!!
Any one of these would have made for a busy summer, but the combination was a bit of a beat-down. Alas, after a pretty great summer (and a lot of work on my new sport: bicycling), I'm getting back into the swing of things.

Some of my code is going to be showing up in some Cycling packages in the next few months, but I'm also going to share some goodies here. So stay tuned!



  1. Crazy when you put it in a list like that. Why is it that people with families and kids all over the place manage to get the most crap done?Blows my mind.