Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Refreshing Change

Made a little change - can you tell what it is? The sharp-eyed among you might have said "Hey, you have a silver-faced Rosie now!"

You are correct! As my friends already know, I'm a complete tweak about certain things, and panel coloring is one of them. When he saw my setup, Wes Milholen of dropped me a line with an offer for a grayscale panel for my black-faced Rosie and I jumped at the option. That had always seemed like a bad anchor to the lower right of my system, and I was hoping it would be as cool as the PEG and Ardcore panels were.

And it is. Love it - thanks, Wes, for keeping our systems clean looking!



  1. You got any tricks for the DPO Darwin?? Only just got mine, got rid of the Rubicon for it

  2. OK - that's a good one for my next posting...