Thursday, October 13, 2016

Heads Down, Mister!

Not sure what made me do it, but I was digging around for some details on my Yoga 900 Windows laptop and ran across a curious thing: people were complaining that their machine wasn't shutting down when they closed the lid. Most people complained that their battery got wiped, but nobody was moaning about overheating or anything.

Turns out that, in the energy settings, I get to set what happens when I close the lid. So I said "Nothing, please" - and there you go, the laptop is closed, but I'm still able to run whatever I need. I've been a Mac guy for too long - where something like this is unwise because of the need for cooling.

Anyway, this is the perfect thing for me to do for performance prep - especially if I'm using a new (or too-long-shelved) control interface - in this case, an Ableton Push 2. I've been wanted to dive back into it, especially with some of the goodies recently added. But if the oh-so-familiar Live interface is glowing from the screen, I just won't focus on the Push for anything but pad mashing.

But with the laptop lid closed, no problems. Focus returns to the surface, and I learn that thing about 1000 times faster than I do when the screen is shining. There are a few functions I've not yet figured out, but I'm getting there - and may well be using this for my next set of gigs. Doing on-the-fly sampling/slicing (of the modular) produces radically different results than modular + effect.


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