Tuesday, October 4, 2016

OK - So What am I Missing?

OK - so I know that one of the ways to make people hate you is to act ultra-superior about your choices in life, and guffaw anytime anyone questions you about your choices. That's sort of the lingua franca of Muff's, and I can appreciate how that can be Chicken Soup for the Asperger's Soul. So I'm sure that's why nobody looks at my rig and says "Huh, a Rubicon, eh? How do you like it? What does it do for you?"

I wish I had a good answer, but right now the answer to "What does it do for you?" is:

It takes up 18HP.

Much like other Intellijel modules, the front panel speaks to me. Tons of options. Tons of ways to modulate things. Through-Zero FM - the platinum unicorn!

But the sad thing is that it's not speaking to me musically. Maybe it's that I can't find anything too interesting in the TZFM world. Maybe the soft- and hard-sync functions don't sound any different than anything else that I'd use and/or prefer. Maybe I've not been missing alternative sine wave types after all. 

Or maybe this, like many recent modules, this one doesn't communicate the analog/modular/oddity behavior that I learned at the hands of a Serge system, or an Aries before that, or an Arp 2600 before that. When we have every option available, we tend to either use:

a) all options in an unaware form (i.e. "I made this patch that I can't ever tear apart, 'cuz the magic will never come back"); or,

b) one set of functions in a limited form (i.e. "The super-saw on this is sooooo sweet that I'll never go back to a regular oscillator").

I generally tend toward the later, but I also get irritated at myself when I ignore too many of the options. That's at the heart of my problems with the Rubicon - I really want about a third of what is on offer (and you can keep the TZFM, for which I've not found a single musical use), and maybe take up about a third of the panel space.

In order words, I really just want another Dixie II! But then I'd need to fill up the rest of the rack, and the kids are starting to grumble about not having lunch money, and the vet bill...



  1. It's not about modules! It's about "not holes"


  2. Two Dixie II's (not the plus) & carrot sticks for the Kids for one week :p

  3. ...or maybe another saw core OSC of some type?

    1. The funny thing is that - despite my exceptional intellect (!!!) - it turns out that I don't really like saw cores in my modular rig any more. I think part of that is because of my multi-year hunt for a Moog sound, only to find out that nothing sounded as good as the freakin' Diva softsynth!

      IMHO, of course...

      I'm going to write up another blog post on my hunt for Moog-ism, but until then, I'll just say that one of my fav oscillators was your DSC-modded Pittsburgh oscillator, but the sound of it stopped being what I thought of as "the sound of my system".

      How is that for woo-woo B.S.?