Friday, October 7, 2016

That 185-2 Video I Promised...

Per Jase's request, I put together a simple walk-through of how I use the 185-2 for sequencer switch-ups while I'm playing live. Really makes for a much more varied sequencing system - and prevents the audience from falling asleep (sometimes).




  1. Thanks Darwin. This has really helped me out, i did the fifths thing last night using top channel following your instructions. I'll have to try the extra voltage which you mentioned i this vid on Sunday. Some handy little Adder tricks for sure. Nice one

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  3. can the function of the switches be voltage controlled say with a transient generator thru a comparator or a logic module? ie: when the voltage goes high the 5th up is activated, voltage goes low, reverts back to the original key. Am I making sense? . .been a long time since I played with voltages.

    1. You could probably do it that way, but the first thing that comes to my mind is to use a VCA to flip the incoming voltage. VCA's do great work doubling as voltage and/or volume switches, and most VCA's are DC-coupled, so they will work fine with voltages.

      And, of course, we all have an ample number of VCA's in our system, right? Right? Is this thing on?

  4. Thanks! really clear explanation....