Friday, November 18, 2016

Aw hell - what terrible timing...

And right on the heels of Christmas, Thonk decided to put these in stock. I've been wanting one of these forever, since it is the perfect CV-controllable, multi-function-but-still-a-great-envelope module. Those state outputs? Perfect for gate delays. The CV ins? Man, CV-controlled envelope stages are my favorite system-level tweak. Want, want, want.

How are my kids ever gonna get the GI Joe With The Kung-Fu Grip?

Dammit. Have to wait. Dammit.



  1. oh darn - what a ton of functionality

  2. Yeah, it's looks like a winner, and having a variable curve means that I'd have more options for VCA's (it would work better with some Make Noise stuff, and I wouldn't have to depend on the uVCA).

    But Christmas...

  3. Bought two as well. They just look very handy. Maybe they just get a pair of socks for Christmas, like I did.