Tuesday, December 13, 2016


This week is already chuck full of distractions. First, I had a great interview with Lippold Haken (designer/creator of the Haken Continuum) on the Art + Music + Technology podcast and have been dealing with the popularity of that one. I'm always glad when a podcast hits the mark. I also got in an Expert Sleepers' ES-8 that I'm working with for a series of article in the Cycling '74 newsletter (if you aren't subscribed, you should do it here). 

But the biggest distraction comes from the latest Web Audio Weekly newsletter from Chris Lowis, which introduced me to the WebAudio Designer by g200kg (pictured above). We've all been hearing about the Web Audio API, but getting into it is a bit of an eyepoke - and it seems to be in constant flux. Along comes WAD, and now playing/experimenting is about as easy as you can imagine.

Think of this as a sandbox to find out what the Web Audio world is capable of - and you will find yourself amazed at the level of coolness that can come squirting out of your browser. And, since it is modular in nature, it sort of fits may how-do-I-work philosophy. Whee!


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