Saturday, December 17, 2016

So I Have to Post it Here so I Don't Lose It...

Love the web! Hate the web!

Love it because every day I find something that charms and/or excites me. Hate it because I never can find the thing that charmed/excited me yesterday. Maybe that's the point of this blog - it's like a Flickr account for my happy sites?

Anyway, Tom Whitwell (MusicThing dude) has written one of the best creativity articles for 2016, and it's all about Python code. Actually, it's a way of thinking about using Python code to get out of your own way, out of your head and into making some music. It includes the source, and it runs pretty much out of the box on everything that I have laying around in my house.

Since I already had trouble finding it today, I decided to share it here - and now I'll know how to get at it!

After yesterday's long drive into Madison, a great (but sparsely attended) performance and a coughing-fits evening, I think I'm ready for something like this. It's also probably the impetus that I need to fire up my newly learned React coding poo-pile and get making my own graphical score generator. But the roadmap provided by this posting is awesome.

Thanks Tom!


Edit: I did this using React and Bootstrap - check it out at this link! And let me know if you want the source (which will eventually end up in Github at some point...).


  1. Thanks Darwin, this looks great - I posted a link into the main story.