Monday, January 16, 2017

A Simple MFL-ES8 interface

So, if you read my latest Cycling '74 review, you'll know I'm pretty knocked out by the Expert Sleepers' ES-8 interface. Of course, I had to start coding for it as soon as possible. While I'm doing all sorts of stuff within Max (as described in the article), I'm also using it as my modular interface from Ableton Live.

So, rather than just keep it to myself, I quickly slapped together a Max for Live device that uses the same technique as in the article, but also provides a 'mono mode' to properly handle note allocation within a monophonic modular context. The result is the simplest direct CV way to interface a modular to Live (i.e., no MIDI-to-CV devices, no scaling or calibration hassles).

You can get this device from my github repo:

I did three tracks with this over the weekend, including part of the theme music for the weekend's podcast (with Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv). Completely solid, man!


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