Thursday, February 9, 2017

As we say in the Midwest: "Aw Geez"

So, a bunch of people that I respect have been using this thing, and I needed something to write about for an upcoming newsletter article, so I Novation'd.

I'd been reading about, YouTubing around and generally obsessing about this since I saw that John Keston was using one, and decided that it was worth a go. Came in yesterday's mail, and I had all the right batteries lined up ready to work (although it came with Alkalines, I'm a dedicated rechargeable battery user...), so I spent some time playing last night.

And this afternoon. And I'll spend more time with it tonight. It's a ton of fun, it checks most of the Fun Boxes (the main one unchecked is the 'live sampling/looping' box, but <shrug>), and it both consumes and produces MIDI, so I should be able to integrate it with Ye Olde Modular. It actually looks like a decent sequencer for the modular - along with something like the Keystep as a front-end for it - and the addition of user-loadable samples means that I can also develop modular drum samples to be used next to my actual modular.

How fun is that?

Stay tuned for more. At the very least, this is going to be the perfect distraction while I'm waiting endlessly for my MPC Live to show up...



  1. Darwin

    I'll be interested to see what you do with it. They nailed the form factor - enough functionality to be interesting, but not so much that the interface is overly confusing.

  2. I've almost bought one of these more than once.