Monday, February 27, 2017

Calling In The Adjunct

So the time has finally come for me to set up a 'business' modular; one that can hold the modules that I need for my Cycling show-and-tell visits, and one that will be easy to ship to my coworkers if/when they need to do the their presentations. I ended up going with a Structure 96, mainly because it is about the right size for almost anything, but partly because it is a limited thing that will force the creation of a very basic system (and one that is focused on Max-integration).

To start with, it'll have the ES-8 and a Monome Teletype; eventually, it'll have a little analog voice and probably something like a Maths. It'll be useful to show having both audio/CV in and out running to the computer; this will mean that I could (for example) control my reverb mix using one of the static voltage channels of the Maths.

The case should be here on Wednesday; I'll be able to kick the tires a bit at that time. It'll most likely make its debut at the Voltage Connect conference at Berklee (March 10 & 11). If you are there, look me up!


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