Saturday, February 25, 2017

Plink, Bling, Blong...

For some reason, I woke up at 3am this morning. What does one do at that early hours? Answer #1: play some Kingdom Rush. Answer #2: Work on patch editors for the Novation Circuit.

I'd used the Isotonik editor a couple of times and was OK with it, but I thought I'd like the visceral nature of an iPad-based editor. So I went and re-uploaded the Lemur setup (Lemur iPad app, Lemur editor and wedgie thing), then got the two variations of the Circuit editor that was in the User Library.

After grinding around with it for a while, I finally got each one working. That's when the troubles began. First of all, I have an iPad Mini, so what might be a normal interface for regular people doesn't at all fit me and my Trans-Atlantic Cable Fingers. Secondly, and they don't tell you ahead of time, there isn't any way to save your work on these editors! There's no way to save a patch on the Circuit itself, and you can't do it through the Lemur editor, either. Grumble, grumble.

I thought maybe something might be available via TouchOSC, but the only thing there was an editor made by Novation themselves, and all it shows is the macros for the four voices. Less helpful than no editor at all!

So, I went back to the Isotonik editor with hat in hand, begging forgiveness and working on my distorted sine polysynth that is my current obsession. Got it the way I wanted to, went to upload it to the Circuit, and - ZING! - all of the macros are zeroed out before the patch is sent. I fixed 'em up, and 'smartly' saved the patch to disk - which also zeroed out the macros! Reload the patch, only to see that the patch was saved with zeroed macros, too!!!

One last try: the Max For Live version of the editor. And you know what? Works perfectly. So now, I have a Live patch (named, of course, CircuitEditorShitholeDammit) that I can use for my editing. Oh, and my sinewave patch? Beauty, baby. Lost an hour (between 7am and 8am) listening to a 3.9375 bar loop (3-and-15/16ths...) endlessly over a 2 bar percussion loop. Bliss.


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