Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Another one out the door

This weekend I put out my second 'archival' release: Infernal Data Machine. This time, it's a set of contemplative melodies created in Max, pitch shifted (subtly) in Soundhack, and noise-cleaned in Audition. All except the last were done around 2001 on an old Wall Street Powerbook, and represent a change in the way that I was making music. Prior to this, I'd been production-based, using both Logic and Pro Tools - along with tons of plug-ins - to create lots of sound. This was an exercise in minimalism, and is all based of a single Max patch (IDM-5) that was helpfully tweaked by Gregory Taylor and Andrew Pask.

Take a listen on Bandcamp, or some of the streaming systems I'm feeding (Spotify, iTunes and others...).

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