Friday, January 12, 2018

It's the Little Bits That Count

Two trigger/gate buttons, only one button cap. These things aren't secured in any way?

I purchased this from some place called Rock'n'Roll Vintage in Chicago; when I contacted them about the missing button cover, they said a) this was the only one they have, b) they got the module through their distributor (?), who didn't carry FoH devices any more, and c) there is no way to contact the manufacturer, so I'm out of luck with that button cover - unless I want to return the module. It feels like I waited forever to get this damned thing into the house, so I'm not that high on a return...

Maybe you can help? If you know how to get a button cap, or how to contact FoH, drop me at line at or; I'll owe you one (or two)...


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  1. This page
    instructs you to contact Foxtone Music for parts