Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Shaking things up...

Well, I guess I had to do it. I'd gotten too complacent about my rig, and especially the 'just plug in the MIDI and wail' aspect of it. Time to shake things up! First up: I ditched the MI Yarns (since I never use the MIDI recorder, and I always want more gates...) and picked up this little thing: the cv.ocd MIDI-to-CV converter.

It's a cool little standalone device that gives me loads of flexibility. It doesn't sit in the rack, so I need to remember to take it along with me - but it also doesn't sit in the rack, so I don't have to dump other modules to make room for it! It is also ultra-flexible, with a Web-MIDI-based setup function that makes it a dream to configure for my needs.

I got it right before NAMM, and am just starting to play with it. But it seems like a home run to me!


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