Friday, February 9, 2018

So I Made A Thing...

Here's a quickie video of a little waveform generator I created. I'm a big fan of single cycle waveforms, and was always a big fan of the Adventure Kid Waveforms. But when I got my MPC Live, I wanted to have my own waveform builder, and I reached back into my ancient box of goodies, and reanimated some of the functions that I'd put into the ol' Wave256 editor I created for the Wiard Modular Waveform City.

This one is better in a lot of ways: I have a working undo chain (with a few bugs to iron out yet...), and better mix-in wave handling. You can also choose the number of samples per cycles - and you can render either a single waveform, or a two-second sample of the waveform looped.

If you want to give it a try, check it out at:

Thanks to my sheetsofsound friends (Andrew and Tom) for their help in getting this to the point where it is. Many plans for the future (can you say wavetables?), but let's get this one cleaned up first!


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