Sunday, March 25, 2018

Eurorack Mount - Ordered (check!)

I picked up a Koma Field Kit from a local dude a few weeks ago, and have had a little fun with it - it came with the 'expansion' kit and a bunch of springs, but I need to have it integrate more with the rest of the modular - to make it more 'wacky'. All of the stuff I did as a standalone was a little 'meh'.

It's not like I couldn't figure out how to make something less 'meh', but I realized that I'd put it on the shelf because I wasn't having fun. But really, a radio, LFO, envelope follower and mixer should provide me with plenty of fun, right? I think that I just need to embed it in the modular so that it can have a little interplay with the rest of the modules.

So I ordered the Eurorack plate for it, and hope to have it play a role. Not sure which role - or maybe just a new role - but maybe this will open the door to fun, right? Since I have an OK power supply in my rig, it should be good unless I start driving motors with it (or something). I'll try to keep it sane, and let y'all know about it once I find out more.



  1. Alas, in the end it was too big for my small working case, so it is set to the side for the secondary case - and not sure from there. I may just let it loose on the world...