Friday, March 9, 2018

The Weekend's Work!

Alas, this weekend is going to feature some quality time with a modular oddity: the Monome Teletype. Featuring some of the most cryptic programming imaginable, the Teletype pushes my programmer's brain in really interesting directions, and I ended up with code that is substantially different than I do on any other platform.

I recently got a TXI input expander for it, and I'm going to implement a multistage sequencer/recorder; I've long been using something like this on the Ardcore, but I now want to start implementing it on the Teletype. I'd had problems doing this in the past due to limited numbers of CV inputs; the TXI makes it possible, now, to do what I want.

So into the rabbit hole I go!



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  2. very very curious, although it's been out a while the Teletype just sparked my interest, we'll have to talk about this.... ;)

  3. We will - it's a curious programming process; minimal to a fault, but that tracker-like interface provides some real interesting opportunities.