Sunday, April 22, 2018

OMG - Repairing The Boomerang!

In the different approaches I tried for recording w/o computing, I gave the ol' Zoom R16 a try. It didn't really work for me, mainly because it had no viable (for me) sync function, and the split 8x8 mixing scheme ended up seeming like more work than it was worth. So I sold it off...

... and it came back. The new owner claimed that the inputs were scratchy (something that I'd never experienced), and I gave him his money back. I set the unit on the shelf and didn't give it a second thought. Last week I started cleaning my studio and clearing things that I don't use out the house. I thought "Well, I might as well figure out what is wrong..." and started experimenting. It turns out that everything is fine until you turned up the level on channel 5 - where it would start making all kinds of crappy noise. If you plugged a cable in and out a few times, it would quiet down, but it would start making noise again whenever you plugged anything into any of the other inputs.

That rang a bell for me, so I got out the tools and cracked 'er open. The R16 has an board specific to the back-panel jacks; it is connected to the main board with a number of flag plastic ribbon-like cables. I lifted up the board, reset all of these ribbons into their slotted receptacles, and bolted it back together.

And it works perfectly now.

Up for sale on eBay if you are in need. But it was a good reminder - internal cables are the locale of so many problems; always look to them as your first source of trouble.


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