Sunday, June 17, 2018

Third Time's a Charm?

Those who know me know my rule of three: before something becomes embedded in my rig - or gets tossed away forever - it gets bought and sold three times. My modular is almost completely that way, and I've done that with the MPC. Well, this is Elektron Octatrack #3 (this time in the new Mk II outfit), and it is so-far going well.

What's different? Maybe it's that I'm still using the MPC (daily), so I'm not trying to shoehorn the OT into the MPC territory. Maybe because I don't have a gig staring me in the face, so I can work with it at my leisure. Certainly it's that the highly-illuminated trigger buttons, much-improved labeling and nicer graphics make it easier to approach.

Right now, it's the mixer and effects processor for my modular (in-studio), although this week is "more work on flex machines" week. I'm hoping that I'll be gig-ready by the end of the summer, and that I won't have freaked out on it like I have in the past.



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