Friday, July 20, 2018

... and Think Of The Queen ...

I'd gone through and eliminated all of the Adobe from my life - or so I thought. Alas, on the Mac, there is simply nothing as good as Adobe Audition for the kind of dialog editing that is a major part of my life. The cut-crossfades are impeccable, the hard limiter is brutally perfect, and the editing tools work exactly the way my hand wants to work.

On Windows, Sound Forge does this for me. But on the Mac, it's got to be Audition. But I really wish I could just buy it.

Anyway - I'm back to it after playing around with Sound Forge/Mac, WaveEdit, Acoustica and almost anything else I could try out. But here you also get to see my everyday tools for audio work. Do those icons look familiar? Can you name the "Big Nine" that get the most attention from me?


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