Friday, July 13, 2018

Did I Already Mention This?

Not sure if I mentioned this before, so I'll yap-it-up. I've been diving into waveshaping lately, using the shapers in the Make Noise DPO, and also using this new module: the Origami waveshaper by Delta Sound Labs. Ricky Graham turned me onto this, and apparently it is based off the kind of waveshaping that Easel people would understand.

I've been having a great time CV controlling the single control: the simplicity of the module belies its the complexity of sound. I've been pounding attenuated S&H randoms into the control, and it brings everything alive in a beautiful way (and is especially useful with the Pittsburgh oscillator sitting beside it).

It's reasonably priced at a buck-twenty ($120), and is probably the easiest way to enter the waveshaping game that I can imagine. Cheers!