Sunday, July 22, 2018

New case update

Popped a regulator in the ol' Tiptop Station 252 again last weekend, and was really depressed. Jumped on Modular Grid and put my system up, turns out I was trying to power 1.5A of modules with a 1.2A power system. The 252 was obviously designed for a different era of modules, and my digital bombers, scopes, multi-envelopes and noise makers seemed to be too much for it.

So I had to make a different move than just fixing it, and I've really liked the mini Pittsburgh case I have for the work-modular, so I popped for the Structure EP-270 case. It was a little bigger than the 252, but had this Arp 2600 vibe that looked good, and it had plenty of juice to power the pile-o-modules.

Got it in last week, made up a new layout and loaded it up. Loving it so far: everything works perfectly, it's attractive and fits easily into my smallish studio space. But I'm surprised at how well the upright/tilted layout is working for me. First of all, it makes for a good work environment for dealing with the Monome Teletype; I can set the keyboard in front of it, and it make programming super-simple. But the whole layout also seems to put everything in front of my face, and I'm finding that I'm patching differently from what I was doing with the 252.

I didn't expect that, but maybe I should have. Layout matters, as does accessibility. Not nearly as portable as the 252 (I'm not even gonna thing about airlifting this anywhere...), but certainly a great fit for me, and I couldn't be happier!


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