Monday, September 10, 2018

A Tasty EBay Snag

For my 'mini' system, I like using miniature keyboards - things like the KeyStep, QuNexus and the like. But I also like keyboards that have real pitch and mod wheels. Most of those only have USB connection, and I'm not up for buying an old creaky Oxygen 8 or something. So it was time to do a little ebay dumpster dive for something to help.

And, alas, I found someone selling a bare MIDI host board for cheap-ish, and with a Make Offer option. Made a low (but fair...) offer and won it. Got it on Friday, and screwed it into the table this morning.

Works like a champ. Doesn't work with my Korg, because it has a built-in USB hub. But for my Worlde and MIDIPlus MIDI devices, no problemo. Winner, and no extra boxes sitting on the damned desk!

It's the guts out of this:

Available here:

Happy as a clam...


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