Monday, December 10, 2018

OP-1 Take a Left Turn

Well, now that it appears that Teenage Engineering won't be producing OP-1's anytime soon (and the OP-Z isn't the right kind of replacement), it's Crazy Time. Given the limited production and massive desire for this product, I guess this was going to happen.

I remember the land grab for TB-303's. It started with people loving the thing. Then it continued with people buying them up an flipping them as the Crazy Money started flying. My wife, Kristin, was in Japan at the time, and during a visit there I picked up a used 303 with the CV/Gate mods professionally done (Thanks Five G!). It was great fun - but then a good friend started bugging me about wanting to buy it, and he decided he was willing to thrown Crazy Money at it, and I decided to let 'er rip.

Since then, I've picked up a TT-303 (whose sequencer is a few generations better while properly retaining the original's charm) for about 20% of what I got for the TB-303, and had a nice time with it. But I didn't regret selling the original. Not sure why, but I didn't. I guess I don't like being a participant in Crazy Time - nor being a holder of the Crazy Thing. I wonder what that means for the future of my OP-1...

I know so many people that will never sell something once they buy it. Maybe I'm unsentimental, and maybe I should be more careful about hanging onto my instruments. But I don't know - I'm not into it when the collectors start making it rain: that's normally my signal to move along...



  1. Looks like it was just a roumor. Just got an email from Teenage Engineering that says they're working on an update.