Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Point Of Meetups

I get a chance to talk to a lot of people about synths, software, music gear, DAWs and other goodies. Most of this 'talk' actually happens virtually - via email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But I'm also blessed to now live in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota), and we have a great meetup that occurs now-and-again. This meetup (the Twin Cities Synth Meet) is a great time to check out other gear, but mostly too meet - or catch up with - musician friends both new and old.

For example, that picture above is with Logan Erickson, a great local figure in the synth scene, and a person I interviewed for my podcast long ago. He's become a friend, and brought his new Chang-model Serge system to give some hands-on time for the locals. I always look forward to the Synth Meet to crawl out of my basement and spend a little time chatting with him - and checking out whatever craziness he brings to bear.

But it's not always about old friend - sometimes you get to meet new people, too. Bill Henson had a killer modular rig that looked largely DIY-oriented, and got my mind spinning with options from places like Befaco and AI Synthesis. Beautiful stuff, and Bill was more than happy to fill me in on any questions I had.

Conversely, sometimes you get to help out someone as well. Max Otto was wondering about the Monome Grid and modular, so I made up a little system to do a show-and-tell. Turns out he brought his system, and it was rocking that Supercell module. Took a closer look, and am starting to fall in 'humina-humina'.

Does any of this happen if I just sit around the house? Not a chance. Man, I love meeting my synth friend in meat-space, and I'm making a strong suggestion that you do the same!


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