Wednesday, January 30, 2019

More About Sequencers

OK, so I'm a little obsessed. Ever since I had the old Arp 1621 sequencer I've been in love with hardware sequencing. Last year, I got a Korg SQ-1 as part of a work assignment, and have been enjoying its use, especially with small desktop modulars (like my Pittsburgh Structure-96 mini-system, and Kristin's 0-coast). And I have a very nice sequencing tool build into my Ardcore, but that isn't visual at all. And I wanted something placed into the EP-208 case.

So I've ponied up for one of these Div6 Dual Sequencers, and it's on its way right now. I dug into the state of the sequencing art, and didn't really like a lot of what I saw: many of the larger ones are a) too large, and b) too limited. I want it to handle two voices, be able to work separately out-of-sync or in-sync, and I'd like it to be quantized properly.

Seems like this will work - but as a backup, I also picked up a second SQ-1. 'Cuz you can never have too many of those, right?