Monday, March 18, 2019

And all that work...

So, I'd just got done setting up my patchbay the way I wanted it to be. Ran snakes to both of the synth work areas. Got the podcasting mic situation set up as desired. And even got a multi-speaker monitoring setup arrayed the way I wanted to.

Then came the rain.

Here in Minnesota, as with much of the Midwest, there's been a significant amount of flooding. Sometimes it's because of bad storms, and sometimes because of melt before the ground is ready to absorb it. In any case, there it is - and my studio is no more.

I didn't lose any gear, but the work area I was in is basically destroyed. The carpet got soaked, and is now Mold Approved. The electrical got soaked, too, so I'm never going to be able to trust it. And it turns out that getting insurance support on any of this is based on how the water comes it. If it's a sewer backup, that's one insurance rider. If it comes in through the wall or floor (as is my case), that would be flood insurance. Conversely, if the water heater blows up, that's even a different one.

My trust in insurance companies has hit an all-time low. They are all bastard - each and every one of them. I've spent a lot of time with the agents; they could easily have looked at my policy and said "Hey Darwin, here in MN, this here thing is a good idea once."

No such luck. So now I'm going to be working off a limited amount of space, with a limited amount of gear - and a limited willingness to do it again. Seems like the last year of studio work was a massive waste of time and effort, and I'm really feeling down about it.




  1. Dang, that's a real bummer! Maybe it helps to think of it as an opportunity to practice studio minimalism or bohemianism…

  2. Once I get over being depressed about it, that's hopefully where I will end up!

  3. Sorry to hear Darwin! I can totally see how my motivation would take a hit after something like that. Hope you find some inspiration to help with it.