Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Playing Games with Samples

I'm in the process of making the next 'special purpose' skiff for my system - this one being specific to working with samples. After digging in to a number of different sample-based modules, and actually getting hands-on most of them, I've decided that a 1010 Music bitbox is my future. The fact of the matter is that it speaks to me in a similar fashion to the MPC Live, and a nice cluster of firing inputs, is only modestly hyper-complex and looks damned cool.

I'll reveal the entire skiff next week (after I'm back from Expo), but suffice to say that it is built off an Intellijel 4u x 108hp skiff-ish case. I've got most of it pulled together - a lot of it was pieces that I got in trade or had hanging around the house. But it seems like a good sitting-on-the-soft rig, and I'm looking forward to adding this setup to my performance rig.

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