Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Sample System - Version 1

Here is the current version of the Sample Modular. The top (1u) section is a pair of QuadAtts and a pair of NoiseTools. The 3u section is a Quadra with Expander, 2HP VCA, 1010 Bitbox, Rossum Morpheus and the Supercell. Hella power.

So why would I be talking "Version 1" about this? Isn't it already perfect?

Nobody that has ever used a modular would buy the 'perfect' thing, but here are my issues (that I will soon resolve):

  • That Rossum filter is amazing, but I don't like it. Does that make sense? Not at all. But it's my reality, and I have to honor it. (Kind of pisses me off, though - because there is a lot in there to love...)
  • The 2HP VCA is just too dinky for fun. I've got to get back into a uVCA like the old days - even though that Supercell also has a VCA. But I use VCAs for variable modulation all the time, and I could use the real estate to do some damage.
  • I really want something for a little distortion, and I want it all in-the-box. I want to work on this by sitting in The Big Chair and fiddling it while I watch basketball or something, so it can't be an external pedal or anything. That's got to get added.

So changes are in the works - but this gives me a great platform for starting to work with the Bitbox. Version 2 additions are already on order (and will be cost neutral, thankfully), so here we go!



  1. Hi Darwin , sorry for not replying to this post, but I have question. Somewhere in this blog you have written something about using the doepfer precision adder. There's no search option on this blog. where can I find it?

  2. The A-185-2 entry is here:

    and the video link is here: